Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Project update

I really am working on projects for the house. This past weekend we painted the living room and hallway which needs another coat of paint but that will have to wait until sometime this weekend. I have had a photo shoot every weekend for over a month with another scheduled, which is great, no complaints here! It just keeps me in the office working on editing so I haven't been able to squeeze in any other projects. But it's the kind of busy that I want!

Except I wish I had the studio/office finished so it would be more comfortable working there. It's hard not to recognize what needs to be done when you spend hours sitting in one place.

The only thing that has changed since this picture is that I got rid of the black bench and the wire shelves were moved to a more useful location, the garage.

And in their place is the antique armoire and you can see the reflection of my new desk/shelving unit in the mirror. It will definitely be a mix of old and new. I have to go through all of the craft items and purge what I don't use any more so it can fit nicely into one cabinet.

But it will have to wait another day. We're off to run errands!

Have a good Wednesday!

Monday, October 4, 2010

A more welcoming entry

Beginning the work

Almost done with the trim

Starting all over and ripping out more than before.
Ay yay yay...

I think I posted on my other blog about the progress that we made on the front entrance of our house. Well scratch that progress. Some of it anyway. We live in a bi-level home and those entrances can be tricky.
So, we ripped out the railing to the right of the stairs which kept people from falling off of the living room and down to the entrance. It was safe but not attractive. In its place we put up a half wall. We tore up the hunter green carpet on the stairs thinking I could refinish the wood underneath. There was so much paint on them though that we just decided to buy new treads.

After staining, putting on a clear sealer and installing them, Jon decided to rip them out again. We never could find the right size board to install on the right of the stairs and couldn't match the existing trim to the left. So...the only solution was to tear out. Luckily, we had drywall and more lumber in the garage. Jon just has to install a couple more risers and cut a few more treads to fit and he'll be finished with installing. And then I'll be able to finish the rest...finally! Until it's time to replace the railing...

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