Thursday, November 18, 2010

Anthro and my two cents

I think my cooking skills would improve if I made a trip to Anthropologie. The same way my backhand in tennis would if I had a diamond bracelet. I've been telling my husband that for years but he hasn't fallen for it.

I have been wanting those Matryoshka measuring cups for ever. When I went to order them one day, they were no longer available. So I hit ebay and found some, but of course, a hundred other people had the same idea and the price went too high. I didn't want them that much.

My husband was a Russian linguist in the Army. When he went to Russia, my only request was that he bring back some nesting dolls and that he stay safe of course. He wasn't able to get any but did bring home some Lomonosov, which little Belen promptly broke. I remember hearing the crash and looking over to see Belen standing next to the buffet and saying "Uh oh" in her little voice.

I still have it in its pieced-back-together state. And when the subject comes up of how it broke or something else around the house that mysteriously met its demise, we talk about how sweet she was about it and the memory warms my heart.

So in a long answer to a question about this photo of my glass vase and if I'm ever worried about things breaking with toddlers around, my answer is no. Well yes, but no.

Of course there will be mishaps. They happen everyday around here. Have you seen Tornado Trae?? But, I'd rather be using my things and enjoying them. Some items are a little safer and out of the way, like my great-grandmother's candy dish. But if I wait to get something nice when the kids are out of the house, they might not learn how to treat something with respect and care. It's a risk, but my advice? If you love it, use it. If it breaks, stains, rips or tears, at least it was serving it's purpose. If it is highly valuable, either monetarily or sentimentally, just display it out of arms reach but allow it to be visible enough for all to enjoy.

And that's my two cents.

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