Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Quest for a couch

Jon asked me the other day if I minded if we got a new couch. Hellooo. Don't have to ask me twice!
Our current one is only 3 years old but I originally wanted a tight backed couch and searched everywhere but found nothing. And I still bought one with a cushion back. Mistake. It's looking schlumpy and it's the biggest investment in the room.

I didn't want to have to order without testing it out but I may have to do just that. I'll be reading the reviews carefully.

So here I am on the hunt for the perfect couch. Here are some ideas.

Do you have a tight backed couch or a cushion back? Do you like it? Which do you prefer?


Carrie said...

The second one is SO elegant! But is that the look you are going for? Also is it practical with kids? I also love the lines on the third and the last but I can't decide if I like the throw pillows or the split seat cushions?

Laura Lynn said...

Carrie - I love that one too. It really is the one I want but it is sooo large I don't think it would work in my living room. I also like the lines in the other ones. I am going for an elegant yet comfortable room that's good for kids too. But since we have a nearly indestructable sectional in the fam. room, they can go there for all of their jumping needs - ha ha.