Monday, January 3, 2011

Restful night - bedding option

West Elm duvet cover - $99.00.

I really wanted this but when I went to the store, I decided against the purchase. It seemed too loosely attached on the comforter. It's bothersome when comforters slip out of the duvet covering. So, I decided to wait and see what else I could find.

Enter Target and their $79.00 comforter set, not just a duvet.

I was thrilled when we were there a few months ago and Jon asked out of the blue, "Can we get a new comforter?" And after looking at all of the ones we liked, we went back to our original choice. It is comfortable and so soft.

The pin tucks are detailed with buttons which gives it a little more interest. At any given time, I can find one or all of my kids snuggled up on my bed, under the covers. Occasionally I even have to look around the house and see who swiped it to bring it back to my room.

Come spring, I'll be opting for the white one to lighten and brighten but may have to lock the door to deter the comforter thieves.

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Linda@Coastal Charm said...

LOVE this bronze color!!!!