Saturday, September 4, 2010

Garage thrifting

Since it's not in the plan to get to any flea markets or thrift shops in the next little while, I thought I'd shop the garage. After all, it's free, sort of.

(Although, I am making plans to go a big flea with a friend soon so I'll document that journey later! Maybe I'll even shoot a video... I can't stay away for too long.)

Jon and I have made it a point to go through all of the boxes in the garage and either use what we have, sell or give-away what we don't need. I've already set out 5 boxes of items that were picked up by freecyclers. Love that. Two people came by from Craigslist today and a few other items are heading to Etsy.

It was a tough competition but something had to go. I'm the Paula Abdul of the garage storage and thinks everything has a chance. Jon is more like Randy. "Yo dog, you're cool and all but you're better suited for someone else."

The following items are what made the cut.

This vintage tool carrier was from my mom. I'm a sucker for these but they can be pricey. This was found at an antique mall and it was such a bargain, we couldn't pass it up. It held big jars of spices in her kitchen and I may do the same. Flowers would look so good in here too. Or herbs... any thoughts?

Although I don't buy linens as much as I used to, I still like them, especially vintage tablecloths. They are always just a little more fun to use.

I thought the price on these napkins was funny. $12.60 for a dozen of Damask Irish linen. I like it when the original price tags are left on items.

Even though I don't use doilies much, I do think they are small pieces of artwork and I hate to part with any that were made by my family members. I've often wondered how I could modernize them a bit since I lean toward contemporary design with a vintage mix.

Then one day I was reading an old Country Living article and came across this and my question was answered. Stitch together the doilies and make a table runner. It would look great on a big table, like a large graphic design. I have plenty to work with so we'll see how that turns out.

Last but not least, the Jadeite. I bought 12 of these older cups in North Dakota for $12.00 at an antique shop. I thought I heard the store owner wrong when she told me. Without hesitation, other than being shocked for a brief moment, I took them and added to the collection.

It will make drinking hot chocolate with a {huge} dollop of whipped cream this winter so enjoyable. Can't wait.

** You know how there are "crossover" artists in music?
Well, I am going to be a crossover blogger.

In addition to this new blog, I also write another blog called "Enjoying the simple things". There I post about everyday life, funny adventures, (to me anyway)like the time the gas attendant lady yelled at me or about the crazy guy in Japan. There will also be family activities and just thoughts and experiences. You will see a lot of photos, letters to family members, and more photos. I may have the same post at both if I am having a case of writer's block, though, so don't be surprised. Like right now I am writing over here when I just posted this there.

But I hope you'll stop by there too.

Thanks friends!

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