Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Light duty

There are many things that we still need to tackle in this house. Lighting is one of them.

All of the light fixtures, what little there are of them, need to be replaced. I guess they don't need to but I want them to. Bringing them into this century would be good.

But, the problem is that the standard light is not what I am looking for. And, the ones that I like are often priced at what I don't.

Looking through the Anthropologie catalogue last year, I saved an image of this light. I loved it but thought I could make my own. I want it to go right over the kitchen sink. After I told Jon my plan, he said, "Why don't we just buy it?" I told him to let me see how close I can get to duplicating it and if I failed, then we'd buy it.


So, I searched for vintage cage lights and found some but I lost bids on E-bay that were too high, which defeated the purpose of making it. I actually found some that were exactly like the other ones at Anthropologie but again, I lost out on those. So I kept trying. Enter Etsy and a nice seller who listed this vintage cage light just for me.

Hmmm...although it's not quite the shape and the hook is larger than I thought, we'll see what I can do. Now I am just waiting for an Edison bulb and a light kit. If I can't do it, I have plan B on standby which will involve my round, wire basket taking one for the team.


Kristen Maier said...

I haven't been to your blog in a while. Sorry :( So what is the difference between your two blogs? They are both cute and crafty.


Together We Save said...

I love that light fixture but I am so not crafty it would never get done for me!